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My Birth Story.

Hi Everyone,  I'm finally ready at 2 weeks postpartum to share my recent birth experience. Extremely different to my first daughter which ended in a theatre visit, this birth went much smoother. Grab yourself a cup of tea and a choccy biscuit for this read, its a long one! So to begin, I was due to be induced at 2 pm on Monday the 27th August 2018 . Nervously trying to pass time laid in bed on the morning of the said day, my phone started ringing from a private number. Now, with my first daughter, I experienced the same thing, however the hospital was phoning to delay my induction and this time they were phoning to bring it forward.    "Hello, is this Mrs Wilthew". With dread in the pit of my stomach I said "yes" and waited for what I thought was a delay in my induction. "We are just calling to see if you are able to come in any earlier, as labour ward is quiet today and we would like to see if we can immediately break your waters and get your labo

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